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Sweet second chances in the south of France.


He was her first love. She’s the one he never forgot. In the South of France, where the sun shines brightly and anything is possible, they finally get their second chance.

Everything in Annie’s life is going perfectly; she’s living in a trendy part of London, she’s running her own business, and she’s pretty sure her boyfriend Jeremy is about to propose. But when Jeremy tells her he’s not ready to commit, things start to fall apart.

Desperate for some space, Annie heads to the South of France. And at her grandmother’s picturesque chateau in Provence, she is reunited with her childhood sweetheart – the effortlessly handsome Sebastian. 

At first, Annie tries to ignore the way Sebastian makes her heart flutter. But when organising a village festival brings them closer together, she starts to remember exactly why she fell for him when she was a teenager.

But with her business and her ex-boyfriend Jeremy trying to pull her back to England, will Annie be brave enough to follow her heart instead of her head? Or will Sebastian lose her all over again?

If you love wholesome, atmospheric romance novels with a hint of adventure and an ending that will give you all the feels, you’ll adore Poppy Pennington-Smith’s ‘Love in Provence’.

'Love in Provence' is a sweet, clean, standalone romance novel with no cliff hangers and a HEA. It is the second book in the 'True Love Travels' series by Poppy Pennington-Smith.

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