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He's her best friend's brother. She's spending the summer at his ranch. What could go wrong?

Out of all of her friends, Rose is the ‘single’ one. She isn’t lucky in love. In fact, she’s the opposite. So, her friend Katie decides to whisk her away for a few weeks of sun and relaxation.

There’s only one problem – they’re off to visit Katie’s brother Thomas at his magnificent Italian ranch. And Rose is petrified of horses.

Deep in the Tuscan countryside, Rose faces her fear and slowly discovers that the freedom of riding a horse is like nothing else in the world.  But she also discovers Thomas and – despite Katie’s warnings – she begins to fall for his charms.

Is Thomas as wonderful as Rose thinks he is? Or is she about to make another bad choice, and get her heart broken?

If you love wholesome, atmospheric romance novels with a hint of adventure and an ending that will give you all the feels, you’ll adore Poppy Pennington-Smith’s ‘Love in Tuscany’.

'Love in Tuscany' is a sweet, clean, standalone romance novel with no cliff hangers and a HEA. It is the third in the 'True Love Travels' series by Poppy Pennington-Smith.

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