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Isolated with her bodyguard in the Scottish Highlands.

Rachel French has never considered herself famous, despite the fact that she’s a best-selling author.

But when one of her books is turned into a hit T.V. show, she is thrust into the spotlight and ends up very much in the public eye. Just a few weeks later, she begins to receive worrying letters from an anonymous admirer.

At a remote cottage in the Scottish Highlands, Rachel’s father sends a private bodyguard to watch over her – the enigmatic ex-detective Max Bernstein.

At first, Max is all business. He is distant, aloof, and not a fan of crime-writers like Rachel. But as the weeks roll on, will Rachel soften Max’s tough exterior and find a way into his heart? Or will he play by the rules and refuse to let her get close to him?

If you love wholesome, atmospheric romance novels with a hint of adventure and an ending that will give you all the feels, you’ll adore Poppy Pennington-Smith’s ‘Love in the Highlands’.

'Love in the Highlands' is a sweet, clean, standalone romance novel with no cliff hangers and a HEA. It is the fourth in the 'True Love Travels' series by Poppy Pennington-Smith.

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